Royal Bammens

Bammens is a Dutch company and is based in Maarssen. Development, production, installation and maintenance all take place under one roof. We are the market leader in the Benelux with solutions for above-ground and (semi-) subterranean waste collection. We export to nearly all countries in Europe and the Middle East.

Royal Dutch Bammens, founded 1850, provides solutions for domestic waste, litter and company waste. Our steel litter bins, wheelie bins and Collectors play an important, yet often unnoticed part in public areas and companies. Every Dutchman knows our products, often subconsciously.

Our timeless Capitole litter bins are standard issue for Dutch streets, car parks and school playgrounds; our (semi) subterranean Collectors for residential areas, hotel and catering areas and shopping centers; and our famous galvanised wheelie bins at numerous companies and organisations. All products are both well-known and loved because they have been developed taking into account user-friendliness and collector as well as optimum safety and high durability.